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    Promatic Parts

    From Trap Parts to a Promatic Tool Kit, we ensure only the best components available for the shooter or club owner.



Designed to work in the extreme weather conditions of a bitter Texas winter through to the searing heat of an Arizona summer, our traps have been tested on a large scale in some of the most important competitions in the world.



From Promatic trap parts to the Promatic tool kit, Chuck’s Sales Service & Rentals has the most comprehensive library of parts and accessories available for the discerning club owner or shooter.



Chuck’s Sales Service & Rentals has won the Diamond Excellence Award for their superior service- one of just two in the US. From trap installation to sporting clays course design, our team will provide you with a great result.


About Us

Promatic’s commitment to the sport is total, our team shoots clays on a weekly basis often in competition. We are passionate about the sport and are often our harshest critics when it comes to designing and testing traps for sporting clays.

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